Kristin speaks regularly in a variety of venues in the United States and internationally. Presenting in English or French, her talks draw from her expertise in global food systems and policy; urban agriculture and food justice issues; and community-engaged scholarship.


Recent highlights:

  • “Agricultures urbaines et justice alimentaire dans les contexts américains et français.” (In French.) With Christophe Toussaint Soulard and Laurence Grandchamp. Les journées internationales francophones de l’Agriculture urbaine : colloque scientifique. [International francophone conference on urban agriculture.] Bordeaux, France. 10-11 July, 2019.

  • “Cultiver la ville, politiser l’alimentation : evolution du paysage de l’agriculture urbaine commerciale et agrarisme urban. (In French.) With Ségolène Darly. Colloque Approches critiques de la dimension spatiale des rapports sociaux: débats transdisciplinaire et transnationaux. Caen, France. 26-28 June, 2019.

  • Panel sessions and paper presentations at American Association of Geographers annual meetings, Washington, D.C. 3- 7 April 2019.

  • Radical Food Geographies. Connecting Knowledges, Cultivating Practices, (re)Imagining Governance. Community-academic workshop co-organized via American Association of Geographers. Washington, D.C. 2 April 2019.

  • “Engaged Scholarship as Food Justice Praxis: Connecting Research, Education, and Social Change.” Annual Community-Based Learning Faculty Development workshop. The Center for Social Concern (CSC). The Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, M.D. 1 April 2019.

  • Keynote. (In French.) “La justice sociale et alimentaire dans les mouvements d’agriculture urbaine : aujourd’hui et dans le futur.”  [Social justice and food justice in urban agriculture movements : today and in the future.] 10e École d’Été en Agriculture Urbaine [Tenth annual urban agriculture summer school.] Université Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Québec. 24 August, 2018.

  • Invited presentation. (In French.) “Récit d’egagement sur recherche-action et recherche militante.” [Commentaries on action- and activist research.] Journée d’étude : Quelles postures d’engagements des enseignants-chercheurs en agriculture   urbaine ? Université Paris Nanterre, Paris, France. 20 June 2018.

  • Invited presentation. “Critical Food Geography through Participatory Evaluation Research:             Preliminary Reflections on Two Ongoing Collaborations.” Food Intersections Symposium,  University of Delaware. Newark, DE. 12 May 2018

  • Public seminar. (In French.) “L'agriculture urbaine au service de la justice sociale : de la théorie à la pratique.” [Urban agriculture for social justice: from theory to practice.] L’Université Populaire de Saint-Denis, Paris, France. 27 March 2018.

  • Introduction of Awardee Olivier De Schutter at James Beard Leadership Awards. New York, NY. October 23, 2017. Video:

  • Invited Seminar. With Mark Bomford. “Food Systems, Gender Equity, and Sustainability.” African Women’s Leadership Forum. Yale University, New Haven, CT. May 15, 2017.

  • Invited book talk. “Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City.” Howard E. Woodin Environmental Studies Colloquium Series. (2017 Theme Urban Innovations, Sustainable Solutions). Franklin Environmental Center, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT. April 20, 2017. Video:

  • Invited panelist. “Roundtable on Urban Agriculture.” With Rhonda Teitel-Payne (Toronto Urban Growers) and Mary Fragedakis (Toronto City Council). Connaught Speaker Series, Culinaria Research Centre, University of Toronto, Scarborough. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 10, 2017.

  • Invited panelist. “Beyond Access: Confronting Inequality in New York City’s Food System.” Panel discussion with Karen Washington (Just Food/Rise and Root Farm), Diana Robinson (Food Chain Workers Alliance), Brian Elbel (NYU). Wagner Food Policy Alliance, New York University. New York, NY. November 14, 2016.

  • Invited research seminar (In French.) “L’agriculture urbaine et la mise en pratique de la justice sociale: action, théorie et changements sociopolitiques” Institute National de Recherche Agricole (INRA)/French National Agronomic Institute. Montpellier, France. July 8, 2016.


  • Invited moderator. “The Business of Building a Socially Just Food System” Moderator for panel          with Barbara Turk, Director of Food Policy for NYC Mayor’s office, Ray Figueroa, Friends of Brook Park/NYCCGC, Colleen Flynn, LISC, Jordyn Lexton, Drive Change, Shimme, Hot Bread Kitchen. Food +  Enterprise Conference. Brooklyn, NY. Feb 27- Mar 1, 2015.


  • Invited panel presentation. “Restorative Justice: Growing and Nourishing Sustainable          Communities.” Keynote panel with Mary Evelyn Tucker, Andrew Barnett, Mark Bomford, Tagan Engel, and T.L. Gray. Presented at Nourish New Haven. Yale University. New Haven, CT. Sept. 19-20 2014.